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Celkee Insight® is a solution for capable leadership who wants to make sure the organisation is continuously empowered towards reaching the joint objectives at maximum level.

Using a light-weigh process, Celkee Insight® produces an interactive dashboard that highlights the essential issues and engages people for actions. Celkee Insight® brings more transparency, measurability and impact to modern organisations.

Celkee Insight® helps in decision making even six times more efficiently compared to most legacy solutions.

Why Celkee Insight®?

1. Empower the organisation

Celkee Insight® empowers and energises the organisation to work on improvements or remove change barriers.

2. Engage to interaction and reflection

Celkee Insight® implements a transparent community process which increases interaction and reflection and supports the development of trust.

3. Identify issues requiring attention

The reliable measurements of Celkee Insight® and complementary comments helps in identifying issues that require more attention from everybody (weak signals).


1. Fast deployment and flexible services

Celkee’s deployment service minimises the required initial time investment and speeds-up the delivery of benefits. At production time we support in a flexible way.

2. Privacy and security first

Celkee Insight® supports processing of personal data in accordance with the GDPR. Celkee offers options for complying with different levels of security requirements.

3. Scales horizontally and vertically

Celkee Insight® can be used for several needs across functions. The solution scales for the needs of organisations of all sizes in an industry-independent manner.

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