Make sure that your project organisation is continuously in top shape!

Common challenges

  • Do you have adequate visibility to the efficiency of the project organisation?
  • Are the same problems occurring time after time?
  • Are the risk matrices not fulfilling your risk management needs?
  • Do you know how different stakeholders see the project status?

Celkee Insight®Transparency to Projects

  • Make better steering decisions with the help of better transparency.
  • Understand the commitment level of different stakeholders.
  • Improve risk management by introducing a shared and real-time visibility to key topics.
  • Implement a project pulse to improve your core processes continuously.

Typical implementations

  • Large product, construction or service development projects or programs.
  • Multi-vendor projects and programs.
  • Measuring and developing Big room -way of working.
  • Projects with purpose to improve their risk management through better use of tacit information.
  • Projects that need to be steered with pro-active decision to guarantee optimal completion time.
  • Implementation of various bonus schemes, e.g., for efficient co-operation.

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